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Sarwar Kewra Water


Sarwar Kewra Water (500 ML)

Distilled from the leaves of the Pandanus flower, Kewra Water is an intense zest of authentic flavours. Through the process of steam distillation, the flavour from Pandanus flowers is extracted. Kewra extract has been used in various savoury and sweet delicacies since ancient times. It can be combined with any other floral water, such as rose or coconut water. It makes a fine alternative to other floral water such as rose, coconut or orange blossom. Kewra Water helps revive skin cells and moisturizes the deeper layers of your skin. The antioxidants present in it help slows down the ageing process that makes the skin vibrant and youthful. It works very well to add a fragrant spiced taste to Biryanis, Pulaos & more.



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