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Monita Canapes


Monita Canapes (50 PCS)

The French started offering canapés to their guests in the 18th century. Monita started to serve canapés to the Indian market in 1970. Monita Canapés is a square shape basket that can be served with your innovation of fillings inside like sev puri and other Diffrene Decorative foods. Monita Canapes is a small, prepared and usually decorative food and monita Canapes are made with a base of wheat flour, corn starch, refined vegetable oil, a erating agents, salt, permitted emulsifying agents, permitted synthetic food color With all natural ingredients, and less than 2% oil content and topped with an assortment of small, usually savory toppings. Typically, monita Canapes are served before dinner in a drawing room or lounge area, along with an assortment of other appetizers. Most cooks and caterers produce an assortment of options, so that guests can try out numerous different flavors. monita Canapés also be used as a standalone food item, in the case of things like receptions for art shows and theatre performances. Monita Canapés eaten topped with some savoury food,held in the fingers and often eaten in bite.




Wheat Flour, Corn Starch, Refined Vegetable Oil, Erating Agents, Salt, Emulsifying Agents And 2% Oil


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