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Suhana Gulab Jamun Instant Mix 200g Box


  • Cooking time 40 Mins
  • Makes 40-50 Gulab Jamun’s

How To Cook:-

  • Add 150-160ml water in 2-3 intervals to Suhana Gulab Jamun Mix. Knead into a soft dough by a gentle mix.
  • Apply ghee or oil on both palms and shape 40 small round smooth balls (Jamuns) of equal portions without cracks on the surface.
  • Deep fry in ghee or oil n low heat till light golden brown. Soak the fried Jamuns in hot sugar syrup until the Jamuns have absorbed the syrup fully.


Gulab Jamun is a soft and fluffy renowned dessert across the globe. It adds a delight to your plate during most of the celebrations. Suhana gives you a moment to savor the intricate taste of the authentic Gulab Jamun in minutes.  Suhana Gulab Jamun Instant Mix makes around 40-50 pcs approx.

Nutrional facts:

Per 100g approx:- Energy 440kcal/1842kj, Protein 21g, Fat, Total 16g, Saturated fat 9.5g,Carbohydrates 53g, Sugar 11g, Sodium 49mg


Weight: 200 g

Pack of: pack-of-1, pack-of-4

Packaging type: Box

Servings: 40-45 Gulab Jamun

Ingrediants: Wheat flour (Maida), milk solids, hydrogenerated vegetable fat (Palmolein), Rising agent (sodium bicarbonate), acidity regulator (Malic acid), Hydrogenerated vegetable fat used contains trans fat

Country of origin: India

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Weight 200 g


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