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Amul Cheese Spread Punchy Pepper


Amul Cheesy Spread Punchy Pepper (200 gms)

Add a peppery punch to your bread with this Amul Cheese Spread that combines the goodness of soft cheese and cheddar cheese in one. Spread it out on your favourite savoury biscuits when you’re in the mood for an experimental snack! Fixing your munchies was never this easy. This flavoured Amul Cheese Spread is a complete saviour when hunger pangs strike all of a sudden and you want to prepare a snack in no time. This Amul Cheese Spread is a particular favourite in the shopping carts of students and young professionals who live alone with no time or means to cook elaborate meals. After all, just spreading some peppery cheese on toast or bagel and topping it with your favourite veggies makes for the perfect quick-fix meal. What’s best? Store it well in your refrigerator and this Amul Cheese Spread remains fresh for up to nine months. So it’s always available in your pantry. If you’re a fan of cheese spreads, don’t forget to check out Amul’s entire collection which has nine flavours! Some of the other flavours apart from pepper are cream, garlic, jeera, red chilli flakes, oregano pickle and tikka dip. This is a vegetarian product.

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Milk Solids, Cheese, Common Salt, Black Pepper Powder (0.8%), Permitted Emulsifiers (E339, E452, E471, E331) and Class II Preservatives (E234, E200).

Nutritional Facts

Per 100g (Approximate Values): Energy: 276 Kcal Total Fat: 20g (Saturated Fat: 13.2g, Trans Fat: 1g) Total Carbohydrate: 12.8g Added Sugar: 0.0g Sodium: 840mg Protein: 11.2g


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